The Broadcloth

We leave New York in a week.

Ahhhh! I wanted to get done with this site update ages ago, but what can you do. I bit off more than I could chew. Literally. Go to Momofuku, get one of their crack pies, try to eat it all in one go and tell me you did NOT get a stomachache afterwards. That is how I feel. Bit off way more than my non-hotdog-eating-contest trained digestive system could handle.

Anyone who knows me personally and is reading this (haha, how about 2 people!), knows that I am a perfectionist in the least productive way possible. There are about 50,000m things I still want to do with this newly updated – kind of a jumble of the most frustrating coding sessions ever on my Fridays off – Broacloth, but I figured, whattheheck! I gotta get done with this baby and move onto the kit and kaboodle! (What does that phrase even mean? Does anyone even know?)

So here we go. Again. Cheers to a summer spent and the future ahead. Olé, mis amigos!